About Taiwanese Boxing


  Graceful Power, Sophisticated Destruction
 "Once we arm ourselves with methods of striking that are effective, we are ready to explore how to avoid an aggressive attack and employ a counter attack if we so choose.  In the case of sports such as Judo, wrestling, or Boxing, our objective is to recognize a weakness in an opponent's offensive or defensive posture and create or add to those weaknesses as they present themselves.  Many times, especially when you are aware that someone's objective is to harm you, it is most advantageous for you to strike out and stop any aggression before it even occurs.
    If you are alert enough to see an attack coming and are approached by someone who is intending to do you harm, your immediate reaction should be to strike to a vulnerable part of the attacker's body as quickly and with as much power that you can generate.  Reacting in this manner there is no necessity to block, grab or redirect in any way a punch or a kick that you may otherwise need to deal with. The perfect defensive technique is when you initiate your defense prior to your attackers aggression."

- Sensei Frank Masiello


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